Why ProTech Group?

Benefits to Utilizing ProTech Group

The mission and core values allow us to develop a close partnership with our clients to help them achieve maximum performance. This multi-disciple team has experience in bridging the gap between people, performance and technology. The key benefits of hiring ProTech Group as your infrastructure solutions are:
  • Provide Health and Safety Awareness
  • Relevant Work Experience in Project Management and Scheduling
  • Capacity to respond to immediate needs
  • Ensure System Optimization per the needs of each client
  • Ability to perform critical task with multi-disciplinary teams to ensure job completion
  • Good Stewarts of Project Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA & QC)
  • Depth of Professional Resources (100% MBE Ownership)
  • Provide internship / mentoring opportunities for high school and college students

It is ProTech Group’s goal to protect our eco-system, improve public health and safety to ensure sustainable growth and development for the future. We provide optimal solutions while reducing carbon footprints. ProTech Group’s holistic natural science approach to hydrology improves strormwater runoff, improve water quality, and reduce downtime within the wastewater treatment process.

Education and Training

ProTech Group’s holistic education and training methodology is derived from the technical expertise within Engineering & Construction (math); Environmental Solutions (science); and Information Technology (computers). This unique blend of highly qualified consults will provide quality curriculum development per the needs of each client from (K-12th) education; health & safety; to career re-certifications. Our goal is to educate everyone using cutting-edge technology that promotes sustainability.

“Integrating People, Processes, & Technology for Infrastructure Solutions”